Study of COVID Vaccine Side Effects May Help Plan for Missed Work

Pentru că toată lumea e focalizată pe importanța/obligativittea vaccinării, am considerat că e important să schimbăm unghiul de analiză a situației. Un articol Medscape ( unde există referenți profesioniști !!!).

Results from a survey of healthcare workers who received some of the first Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in 2020 may hold clues for how healthcare facilities and other organizations should plan for missed work time.

Julie M. Stausmire, MSN, RN, APRN, CNS, academic research coordinator at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center, in Toledo, Ohio, told Medscape Medical News that the information in their study may be especially relevant in light of the predicted coming wave of booster vaccinations and of new mandates regarding the original COVID-19 vaccines.

Researchers at one of the first 10 sites in Ohio to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines in December 2020 surveyed frontline healthcare workers

regarding their experiences with the effects of the vaccine. The participants worked in an urban tertiary care center and a rural regional hospital.

After the first dose of vaccine, 9.6% (134 of 1391) of the participants missed work or considered calling in sick for a work shift. After the second dose, 39.1% (332 of 850) of participants missed work or considered calling in sick. Of those who did miss work, the majority reported missing one work shift.

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